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The real heart of any dynamometer is the SOFTWARE and ELECTRONICS.
The decades-long experience of EasyRunís engineers in the development of engine tuning measurement and control systems, alongside professionals who use our dynamometers every day, has resulted in the attainment of high quality products which are as good as products made by more distinguished European and international manufacturers.
All our software is customizable and constantly updated, by our engineers, based on new technology. In addition our electronics are specially designed and built to carry out functions in a reliable, accurate and optimal way as required by professional dynamometers. This would not be possible with general purpose commercial electronics.

ProJ Motor is our software which allows performance measurement for vehicles with internal combustion and electric engines.
Its high degree of accuracy and large number of measurements per second, possible thanks to the latest generation microchip technology, enables the attainment of extremely accurate and repeatable measurements enabling the detection of even the smallest dynamics and performance details of the engines being tested.

Main technical/functional characteristics of the Proj-Motor software rev. 1-0-7 (2001-2014)

  • Simple and intuitive to use. The buttons change colour to indicate which is the next command to be executed.
  • The test and printed report are obtained in just three steps.
  • Highly visible monitor graphics during testing. Instead of using graphic speedometers in order to be visible at 50cm, the software uses an alphanumeric display with high contrast colours.
  • It can be controlled by remote control from the driver's seat
  • Reports can be printed in all possible graph sizes. The report shows the customized logo of the engine tuner or service centre
  • All tests are stored in an efficient database which allows them to be categorized according to client and technical characteristics of the vehicle etc.
  • It allows you to plot and compare an unlimited number of test curves from the database which are displayed in a different colour. This enables the evaluation of changes and improvements before and after the modifications. An automatic pointer measures the difference between two curves at every point of the graph.
  • An automatic pointer supplies the precise measurement for every type of displayable curve.
  • It allows the correction of the curves according to the atmospheric conditions.
  • The units of measurement for power (Kw, hp), torque (Kg*m, N*m) etc. can be selected based on the engine tunerís preference.
  • Possibility of sensor data acquisition and relay output control
  • ...and more

The following test modes are available:

  • Acceleration Test
    (Rapid test to measure the power to the wheel and evaluate problems of carburetion, power dips, etc. ..).
  • Acceleration and deceleration Test
    (To also assess the power absorbed by the gearbox kinematic chain, transmission and tyres).
  • Manual Gearbox/Gear shift Test
    (To assess the available power at various speeds, due to the different powers absorbed by the gears).
  • Automatic Transmission/Variator
    (To measure the power of vehicles equipped with automatic transmission or variator, such as cars and scooters).

The four tests can be used to measure the following:

  • Power: to the wheel, driving shaft, lost by transmission
  • Torque: to the wheel, driving shaft, lost by transmission
  • Vehicle performance: Acceleration, Speed, engine RPM, total transmission ratio.
  • Performance forecast on the track:
  • - Times on pre-defined space,
    - Speed on pre-defined space,
  • Calculation of corrected and normalized power.
  • Carburetion ratio using linear lambda probe.
  • Pressures and temperatures of engine intake and exhaust.
  • Barometric pressure, temperature and environmental humidity.

The plottable and comparable curves are:

  • Engine RPM vs. Time
  • Speed vs. Space
  • Speed vs. Time
  • Space vs. Time
  • Power to the wheel vs. RPM
  • Torque to the wheel vs. RPM
  • Power to the wheel vs. Speed
  • Torque to the wheel vs. Speed
  • Power to the wheel, shaft, lost vs. RPM
  • Torque to the wheel, shaft, lost vs. RPM
  • Power to the wheel, shaft, lost vs. Speed
  • Torque to the wheel, shaft, lost vs. Speed
  • Power and Torque to the wheel vs RPM
  • Power and Torque to the Engine vs RPM

The EASYRUN KIT, in its various configurations, is specifically designed to be installed and operated with DIY test benches and for upgrading old test benches of both inertia and brake type.

Our EASYRUN KIT includes the latest software update, and hardware based on the latest generation of microcontrollers and online engineering assistance for installation, configuration and post-sales service to help you get the system up and running.

In case of the KIT is mounted on a DIY test benches our engineers will provide assistance for the proper sizing of the inertial mass.

Mounting the rotary sensor (included in the kit) on the inertia wheel of your test bench and connecting the EASYRUN KIT to your PC with the USB port (including laptops), will modernize your old dynamometer and transform it into a professional power measurement system.

You can use the full potential of measurement, comparison and archiving of the Proj-Motor software to test and check your tuning work on cars, motorcycles or karts.

Items included in the kit as standard:

  • Proj-Motor software (latest version)
  • Measurement electronics with USB connection to PC
  • High-quality rotary sensor for very accurate measurement
  • Technical assistance and recommendation for the chassis and roller design
  • Technical support for software configuration
  • Test reports customized with customer logo
  • Warranty
  • OPTIONAL: Remote control (run the test without exiting the vehicle)
  • OPTIONAL: Installation, configuration and training at customerís workshop

The KIT has been designed to be easy to install and use.
It only requires the installation of the roller axial speed sensor, while the software provided with a CD can be installed on PCs or laptops like any Windows application.
When you first start the program the EASYRUN KIT will be automatically connected to the USB port, after which it will be ready to be configured and used.
EASYRUN TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE is available to support you during the whole process.

Kit mouned on a
DIY scooter inertia dynamometer

Kit used to renovate a
car inertia dynamometer

Kit mouned on a
DIY scooter inertia dynamometer

Kit mounted on a
DIY engine test bench

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