Easyrun Technology is a modern company made up of a group of engineers with electronic and mechanical background, which has decided to exploit the considerable skills acquired regarding design, data acquisition, implementation of control systems for the study and construction of vehicle test benches.

The scope of Easyrun Technology is to be a one-stop-shop for operators of the sector looking for innovative and customized solutions.

Starting from the proprietary ProJ-Motor data acquisition software system, Easyrun Technology develops performance measurement technology for vehicles and internal combustion engines as follows:

  • Test benches for motorbikes, cars, go-karts, avio, special vehicles.
  • Upgrading of old power test benches (both for cars and motorbikes).
  • Development of on-board data acquisition systems (telemetry).
  • Creation of special benches customized for the reproduction of road or track test conditions.


Easyrun Technology’s engineering division also deals with:

  • Design of electronic control systems
  • Design of test benches for mechanical components
  • Mechanical design of components
  • Structural and fluid-dynamics simulations
  • Design controls for vehicles
  • Sviluppo elettronica e Software