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The true added value for any power test bench comes from its SOFTWARE and ELECTRONICS.

The ten-years of experience of Easyrun engineers in the development of control and measurement systems alongside expert tuners who use our test benches every day, has, over the years, allowed us to manufacture products of the highest quality standard, reaching the same levels as products made by European and global renowned brands.

All our software packages are customizable and constantly updated by our engineers based on new technologies, while our electronics are specially designed and manufactured to carry out precise and optimal functions required by professional test benches, which could not be guaranteed by commercial electronics not created for this purpose.


Pro-J Motor is our software that allows to measure the performance of vehicles with internal combustion and electric engines. The high accuracy and high number of measurements carried out per second by the electronics equipped with latest generation chips, allows to obtain extremely precise and repeatable measurements, detecting even the smallest dynamics of the engines subjected to processing.


Main technical/functional characteristics of the software of ProJ-Motor test benches rev. 1-0-7 (2001-2020).

  • The buttons change colour to indicate the next step to take.
  • Tests are carried out and reports printed in just three steps.
  • High visibility is obtained during tests, even with a remote monitor. Instead of using graphic speedometers such as motorbikes and cars designed to be visible at 50cm, the software uses alphanumeric displays with high contrast colours.
  • It can be controlled from a distance by means of a remote control device, without leaving the vehicle.
  • It allows to print all sizes of graph reports. The reports includethe customized logo of tuners.
  • All tests are filed in an efficient database that allows to manage tests classifying them based on customer and technical characteristics of the vehicle etc. (Tests no longer need to be searched in folders with stored files)
  • This allows tocreate graphs and compare an unlimited number of curves read from the database to which a different colour is assigned.
  • This allows to assess the changes and improvements before and after modifications. An automatic pointer measures the difference between two curves across the graph.
  • An automatic pointer provides punctual measurement for each type of curve that can be viewed.
  • It allows the correction of curves according to atmospheric conditions.
  • The measuring unit for power (Kw, Cv), torque (Kg*m, N*m) etc. can be selected according to the one more familiar to the tuner using the bench.
  • Possibility of acquiring sensors and controlling relay outputs.





  • Acceleration tests
    (Rapid test to measure the power delivered to the wheel and assess carburating problems, power dips, etc.)
  • Acceleration and Deceleration Test
    (To also assess the power absorbed by the kinematic chain of the gearbox, transmission and tyres).
  • Manual/Changed Gearbox
    (To assess the power “available” for the different gears, due to the different power levels absorbed by the gears.
  • Automatic Gearbox/Variator
    (To assess the power with vehicles equipped with automatic gearbox or variator, such as cars and scooters).


The following measurements are obtained from the four tests:

  • Power: at the wheel, at the crankshaft, lost by the transmission – (units of measurement Cv or kW).
  • Torque: at the wheel, at the crankshaft, lost by the transmission – (units of measurement Nm and Kgm).
  • Performance of the vehicle: Acceleration, Speed, engine RPM, total transmission ratio.
  • Foreseen track performance:
    – Timings on predefined distance.
    – Speed reached on predefined distance.
    – Correct and normalized power calculation.
    – Carburating ratio by means of linear lambda probe.
    – Engine intake and exhaust pressure and temperatures.
    – Barometric pressure, environment temperature and humidity.
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Curves that are graphically represented and comparable are:

  • Power at the wheel vs RPM
  • Torque at the wheel vs RPM
  • Power at the wheel vs Speed
  • Torque at the wheel vs Speed
  • Lost engine, wheel power vs RPM
  • Torque engine, wheel power vs RPM
  • Lost engine, wheel power vs Speed
  • Power and Torque at the wheel vs RPM
  • Power and Torque at the engine vs RPM
  • Space vs Time
  • Speed vs Space
  • Speed vs Time
  • RPM vs Time
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The SOFTWARE EASYRUN KIT in its various configurations it is specifically designed to be installed and used with DIY test benches and to upgrade both inertial and braking old test benches.

It includes: a USB pen drive with the latest software revision, electronics based on the latest generation of micro-controllers, on-line support for installation, configuration and after-sales support for quick start-up of the bench.

If the KIT is used for a self-built bench, our engineers will provide assistance for the correct sizing of the inertial mass.

By mounting the RPM detection sensor (included in the KIT) on the inertial roller of your bench and connecting the EASYRUN SOFTWARE KIT to the USB port of your PC (or laptop), you will have upgraded your old bench making it operational again, while self-built benches will become professional and reliable measuring tools.

Our KIT will allow you to take advantage of all the measurement functions, comparison between tests, archiving, printing etc. of our Proj-Motor software to test your car, motorbike, scooter or go-kart.

Standard equipment:

• Latest update of ProJ-Motor Software
• Acquisition electronics with PC connection via USB port
• High quality roller sensor with metal protection
• Assistance for roller dimensioning
• Revision of client projects and designs
• Customization with tuner’s logo (for customized reports)
• Warranty
• Installation, configuration and workshop training – OPTIONAL
• Remote control device (test run without leaving the vehicle) OPTIONAL

The Software KIT is easy to install as it only needs to be installed on the axis of the roller, while the software can be installed both on PC and laptop like any Windows application.

At first start-up the program will automatically find the EASYRUN KIT card connected to the USB port and will be ready to be configured and used.

EASYRUN technical assistance is always available to help and advise you both before and after your purchase.