EASYRUN TECHNOLOGY-Banchi Prova Potenza auto e moto

Since 2001 EasyRun Technology designs, manufactures and sells inertia roller and brake dynamometers for the diagnostics and tuning of cars, motorcycles, karts and special vehicles.

Motorcycle test benches

The modern and functional design, combined with measurement precision and ease of use, characterizes the entire range of Easyrunís motorcycle test benches.
Specifically designed and manufactured to meet the needs of professionals, repairers and those who are just hobbyists.
They are available in various configurations and for the different types of motorcycles.
Upon request we can adapt or customize the design in order to meet the clientís requirements.

Car test benches

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards both in terms of mechanics and software operability, our test benches are always easy to use and come with a whole host of features thanks to many years of constant updates, based on new technologies and the requirements of those who utilize them.

KIT Software & Hardware

The KIT includes electronics and software specifically designed and manufactured to be installed on DIY test benches and to renew old test benches which still have functioning mechanical parts.
It is based on the latest microcontroller technology and allows USB connection with any computer.
The KIT is equipped with remote control and high quality sensors together with professional software to ensure extremely accurate and repeatable measurements which allow comparison evaluation of engine performance.
Progetto CAD 3D

The design process

The use of CAD 3D for the development of projects, including the software for structural finite element analysis (FEA) guaranty the highest quality standard of our products.
The development owner of the software and electronics with the use of the most advanced microcontroller, ensures high measurement accuracy and simplicity of use.

Rapid prototyping services

Starting from 3D drawings, EASYRUN will produce the 3D prototypes in the selected material that will allow you to immediately assess the propotypes functionality, dimension and strength.
This will permit to do any changes with extreme precision and quiet enough before moving on to the next stage of the final production.

Rapid prototyping

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